Rob Harbron and Emma Reid

standing2It’s been a few years since Emma Reid and I have done any playing together in the UK, but in between Emma’s maternity breaks, we’ve a had a few lovely small tours in Sweden and we’ve even found time to record a lovely new album which will be available on this site soon.

We are now booking some short tours of small venues in the UK – we’ve found in the past that our duo works really well in house concerts and informal settings.  Dates will be announced soon but we are currently looking for gigs on December 4th 2015 and April 1-7 2016.  Our full biog is here…if you’d like to book us or are interested in hosting a house concert, please get in touch!

flockandfly-cover-full-500pxRob Harbron and Emma Reid ‘Flock and Fly’

Available soon!

Recorded by Sigge Krantz
Special guest Göran Wennerbrandt
Artwork by Lizzy Doe

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