Rain on the Woodpile / Terminus

Two tunes from Leveret’s recent album Inventions for you – Rain on the Woodpile is fairly recent, but Terminus dates back to when I used to play in a trio with Nancy Kerr and James Fagan.  We recorded another of my tunes called Request Stop and this tune was written to go after it but only after we’d finished the CD!

And here’s Leveret playing these tunes in the lovely Wood Room at Realworld Studio where we recorded Inventions.

Happy playing!


Here’s a tune I wrote about ten years ago when I lived on a narrowboat on the Kennet and Avon Canal.  One of my favourite places was close to the Dundas Basin, where there was a great place to moor up looking over the valley towards Brassknocker Hill.  I remember Verity Sharp coming to record me playing this tune there for a fantastic programme she made called England In Ribbons.

I hadn’t played it for a while, and then when Leveret started playing together I dug it out.  I used to play it in C but I’m really enjoying playing in Bb at the moment, and that’s the key Leveret play it in.  Here we are playing it live at Muziekclub ‘t Ey in Belsele, Belgium.


You can also hear it on the new Leveret CD In The Round … which is now available here.


Down to the Beach

Here’s a tune I wrote when I was experimenting with different phrase lengths and structures – trying to find out how irregular a tune can be and still work by ear, really.  I used to play it in the English Acoustic Collective, and taught it on the EAC Summer School one year.

Down-to-the-BeachAnd here are Sam and I playing it at a house concert in Cambridgeshire … a little bit quicker than I usually would and with a few ‘variations’ from me the first time through as I remembered it!  I usually play it AABBAABBCC, as we do here.

The Road to Poynton


Here’s a tune I made up years ago, when I was working with clog dance group 6 Foot 3.  I was trying to write a tune in which the A and B parts work on top of each other, which they do!  The chords are open to variation, of course, but I really like it if it stays hanging at the end of each part and doesn’t resolve to the D chord until the start of the next part.  By G/A I mean a g chord over an A root, but any sort of open, ambiguous, unresolved chord it fine!  I sometimes use a G instead of the B minors, or an E minor instead of the G, and so on.

Here I am playing it with Leveret (the tune before it is Glory of the Sun, from Playford, if you go back to the start of the video):

Tim van Eyken and I recorded it on our album One Sunday Afternoon way back in 2001, link to follow.  It was also recorded by Meridian, who wrote a cool tune called The Road to Paignton to follow it, and also by Bjönsdotter • Reid.  Happy playing…

Request Stop / Terminus

Two tunes I wrote while working in a trio with Nancy Kerr and James Fagan around 2008/9, both inspired by contemporary old-time tunes.  In Request Stop I usually replace the first bar of the A and B part repeats with the fifth bar of the respective part, if that makes any sense!

Request-Stop terminus

And here we are playing the set at Cheltenham Folk Festival in 2008…

Request Stop was recorded on our CD Station House.