Leveret – New Anything

The Leveret CD ‘New Anything’ is released on RootBeat Records on Jan 26th.  You can order an advance copy here.

In folk, it’s the sound of what’s to come.’ TheArtsDesk.com

We’re on tour in February – see the Gigs page for the dates.  Festivals are coming in thick and fast too, I’ll add the dates as soon as they’re confirmed.

2 thoughts on “Leveret – New Anything

  1. Hi Rob and Sam (and Andy of course, only I haven’t met Andy as such),

    I wanted to say what a magical evening we had witnessing Leveret at Constantine, from the adventure of a two-hour trip down in the dark and rain with a newly transplanted engine (were we heading to the right Constantine?! Oh yes!), through the enchanted theatre and delicious cakes to, most importantly, a sublime gig! I was really struck by not only the magic you give to these tunes but also your restraint and refinement, that are part of your essence. Yet your music is dynamic and full of feeling – infused, not laden, with it. Such beautiful lift. Rob, your remark about emphasising the off- and upbeats were incisive and really helpful in my own musicmaking, as I’ve been feeling that quite urgently but wasn’t sure what it was in technical terms and so unable to explain to my fellow musicians – not that that is the only explanation for the lightness you all infuse in the tunes, far from it. (Are you familiar with the Andaluz gitano concept of ‘duende’? Curious to consider what the English equivalent is!) As I say, you have tuned me into English folk which I had never been very inspired by. I wanted to add a little soft humming to Upon a Summer’s Day (girl and a gardenful of bees), and will suggest to my guitarist and cellist friends that we have a go, if you don’t mind. You are very inspiring, and your sharing of tunes and thought processes on this WordPress site is lovely, thank you!

    Looking forward to next time (and I haven’t forgotten the summer school mention, though am likely to be further north around that time).



  2. Fantastic, Rob. These tunes are highly addictive. I’ve played the video a dozen times.

    I think I need to buy the CD now!

    Best wishes … Douglas

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