As long as I’ve been playing traditional music, I’ve also been writing my own tunes.  Some have made it onto albums by me or other people, and quite a few are now on YouTube so I thought it might be good to collect some of them together here, with dots and YouTube clips for people who are interested in playing some new tunes.

I use the term ‘writing’ quite loosely … I usually do write the tunes down so I don’t forget them, but I hardly ever compose on the page, and what gets written down is just a skeleton of the tune, just as if you were getting a tune from a tunebook.  When I play them on the concertina, chords and harmony are pretty essential and I hardly ever play the same chords throughout a tune, preferring to develop the harmony over the course of a tune.  I’m very aware of that wonderful ‘Chinese whispers’ effect that occurs when people pass on tunes by ear, and I’m happy for that process to happen to these tunes too!

More to come soon.  Happy playing…