I teach the English concertina one-to-one over Zoom - please contact me for further details.  I have a growing bank of sheet music, exercises and recordings that I send out in conjunction with the lessons.  

I also do occasional online workshops over Zoom looking at different areas of concertina technique, and you can get unlimited access to the first of these below.  I'm also planning some workshops in a masterclass format which will allow a bit more musical interaction for some participants.  More information on all that to follow soon but in the mean time please join my mailing list to be kept informed about future workshop plans.


English concertina workshop - Turning a tune into an arrangement
  • English concertina workshop - Turning a tune into an arrangement
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A 1h45m workshop, originally delivered live on Zoom, where I discuss and demonstrate the thought process and techniques I use in creating a solo setting of a traditional or self-composed tune - including articulation, use of the bellows, and most importantly harmony. Focusing on two tunes, one traditional and one self-composed, I use both treble and tenor-treble concertinas, and answer questions from the workshop participants. You'll also get an MP3 of my tune Mill Lane, as recorded on Meanders, which is one of the tunes I discuss in the workshop.

You'll receive a private YouTube link so you can watch the video as many times as you like and I'm planning to leave it there indefinitely.

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